Anticipation is half the fun.

Dream and imagine what would be your wedding like.. It's as exciting as the wedding itself. Read reviews of events, tips on how to make your main holiday special, the latest wedding trends and look forward to your magical holiday.

And I guarantee that everything will go exactly the way you dream.

Features for an exclusive wedding in Venice

The romantic city par excellence, Venice has all the qualities to enrapture the couples who want to spend a honeymoon or just a few romantic days in this beautiful place.

The symbolic ceremony: from the gondola to the palace

Символическая церемония имеет определенные преимущества, так как ее можно провести в любое время года и  в любой точке города. Данное торжество интересно тем, что можно отпраздновать сразу же после официального брака в вашей стране.

What does a wedding planner do?

The Wedding Planner is a very interesting profession. What does he do? A planner assists the spouses during the whole process of organization, administration, and coordination of the wedding.