The romantic city par excellence, Venice has all the qualities to enrapture the couples who want to spend a honeymoon or just a few romantic days in this beautiful place. Indeed, increasingly numerous are the couples, who choose Venice for the wedding ceremony and decide to enjoy the unique beauty and charm of the Venetian lagoon and canals.

Venice is always incredibly romantic. That’s why it has a centuries-old history in organizing weddings. However, the city is famous not only for its romantic lagoon and magnificent architectural masterpieces but also for its colorful, lavish and inimitable carnivals. Interestingly, more and more newlyweds choose the wedding ceremony in a style, which is very close to the traditions of the Venetian carnival. However, a carnival-style wedding ceremony requires every single detail respected and not left to the chance. From the invitations for guests to the original costumes for friends and relatives, everything must inspire perfectly a Venetian style and leave everyone fascinated and emotionally involved.  Such accessories as feathers, Venetian masks, boas etc. will definitely transform an ordinary evening dress into a particular and unusual one.

The perfect romantic reception place is not necessarily a palace. Your wedding can be organized on a boat in the midst of the Venetian lagoon. Choosing the ceremony on the boat, you can also plan an ad hoc route to arrange stops on the islands, so as your guests will be able to go ashore and visit some of the Venetian islands.

An alternative option to a boat wedding venue could be a celebration by the sea, on the beach. This service will also include a photo shooting in one of the Venetian palaces or in a historic gondola. Whatever place you choose, it can be decorated with flowers, drapes, feathers, and lace, and a unique Venetian scenery with its colorful landscapes will underline perfectly your first-class wedding style.

Your wedding in one of the most romantic cities in the world will become an unforgettable experience not only for you and your beloved one but also for all your dear guests! Don’t miss the chance to live the most beautiful and important moment of your life, here, in Venice! In our turn, we will take care of every detail, so that you will not carry the burden of organization and preparation process.