Lake Garda

Lake Garda - is one of the most popular places for wedding ceremonies and the largest Italian lake. It is surrounded by many green resort towns and the great Alp slopes.

Lake Garda is divided into two parts, so-called Lemon Riviera (The Riviera degli Limoni) and Olive Riviera (The Riviera degli Olivi). A Mediterranean climate is perfect to cultivate olive trees and lemon gardens in the form of stepped terraces. The region is famous for winemaking, cuisine and olive oil production.

Italian wedding on Lake Garda is a synonym of refinement and elegance for couples that with to celebrate their event in the most luxurious and picturesque Italian places - places of genuine beauty, where greenery and colours compete with lofty mountains. Lake Garda is a sure option for couples dreaming of a romantic wedding in Italy.


Fabulous castles
Gorgeous villas with gardens
Cosy hotels
A palace on the island in the middle of the lake
Terraces with beautiful views of the lake
The best time for marriage:
is from end April to October
Why Lake Garda?
  • Lovely and lively cities
  • Rave of colors and greenery
  • Mild and warm microclimate
  • Variety of wedding sites
  • Wide range of tourist routes