Alexander and Alexandra

Venice attracted lovers with its narrow canals, ancient architecture, and delightful locations.

Newlyweds from Nizhny Novgorod decided to arrange a holiday only for two of them and ordered a symbolic gondola wedding at our agency. We had only 2 weeks to prepare for the celebration. Usually planning a wedding takes several months, we were all worried a bit, but everything went just great.

On a solemn day, the groom met his beloved in the beautiful Palazzo Contarini. There was so much admiration in his eyes when he saw his bride in a white dress, in the rays of the morning sun. At that moment, nothing existed for them except each other.

After the wonderful speech of the master of ceremonies, the newlyweds exchanged vowed and rings and signed a symbolic certificate, which they took with them for a long memory. All this caused the newlyweds tears of happiness and a tremulous excitement of novelty. And the ensuing photo shoot on cozy streets with gorgeous views of Venice captured their happy emotions for the rest of their lives.

We were forever conquered by the melody of love of these two hearts!