Andrea and Biagina

Venice looks like an intricate lace-maker who masterfully weaves patterns of love.

About 20 years ago Andrea and Biagina spent a joint weekend here without suspecting that it would become the starting point of their tender feelings. Years later, they returned to the bosom of ancient architecture determined to combine the sacred bonds of marriage in this city.

The official wedding took place in the stylish Palazzo Cavalli on the Grand Canal. After that, the newlyweds had an unforgettable photo shoot in St. Mark's Square. At a symbolic Sina Centurion Palace, where 45 invited guests were waiting for them, the newlyweds exchanged vows.

The wire abstractions of sculptor Aleksander Calder inspired to design a festive banquet in the modern art style.

But a bright highlight of the celebration was the asymmetric cake, each tier of the cake seemed to freeze in the air, and gave an impression of the ease of life.

We are happy that that we have fulfilled all the wishes of a wonderful couple!