Arthur and Olga

The symbolic ceremony of Arthur and Olga took place at the luxury villa "Villa Condulmer".

This small cozy villa of the XVIII century is located in an authentic place in Venice, where every millimeter recalls the antiquity and history of this place. Ancient murals on the walls and interior details from the famous Murano glass - everything here fascinates with its luxury and grace.

In a narrow circle of closest people, lovers made their vows and exchanged rings. Throughout the evening, the saxophone played, enveloping the guests with the invisible warmth of its sounds. During the traditional dance of the newlyweds with their parents, many of the guests couldn’t hold back their tears. There was so much love and respect in every look and every movement.

The atmosphere of that incredible evening was charged with a romantic mood. The dinner, with all the variety of Italian cuisine and a rich wine list, was held under the flickering glare of candles.

Well, the evening wouldn’t have been complete without a wedding cake from a famous Venetian pastry chef. According to an old tradition, the newlyweds joined hands, cut the pastry masterpiece, and demonstrated unity of their union.

The culmination of the evening was bright fireworks, which scattered with sparkling spray across the evening sky of Venice and heralded the birth of a new, happy family.