Olesya and Alessandro

The style of the novel "the Great Gatsby" became the theme and idea for a retro style photo shoot for our beautiful newlyweds Olesya and Alessandro. They gave the preference, as only retro allows you to reveal the true identity of the person, as well as play with different images.

In 20-ies were considered fashionable women wore simple dresses with a cutout back, high gloves, fur capes and hair accessories. Heavily eyelinered eyes, scarlet lips and light hairstyles have become the "hallmark" of this decade.

Men dressed in shirts, bows, suspenders and trousers, complementing their image with a hat and a wooden cane.

Retro can be the best solution for fans of Charleston, musicals, jazz, rock, unusual images and adventurous spirit of the time.

Here you can take a look at our photo shoot for Olesya and Alessandro.