Anniversary of Lazar

Birthday is a holiday that one day can take you to a beautiful Venetian play and make the main character, as it happened at the hero of the occasion - Lazar.

Venice offers endless possibilities for imagination. Venetian carnival, sound, light, masks allowing the heroes to be who they want, passionate dances, mysterious magicians, luxurious costumes and an ocean of flowers – all this is an anniversary in Italy.

All present could not hold back tears of delight and overflowing their emotions. This is the best confirmation that the holiday was a success.

And you immerse yourself in the days of poufy dresses and men, elegantly greeting you with a nod. Feel all the luxury and indescribable emotions experienced by the invited guests led by the hero of the day. Touch the luxurious interior and cut the cake, which seems to have had a hand himself harlequin.