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A well-planned and organized event is like a big mosaic broken into thousand pieces and only glued together these pieces form a choral and harmonious whole. Indeed, the work of every good wedding consultant is a Match-a-Mosaic work of art with a fairy tale ending.

The wedding is basically a fairy tale story. It is the day that we wait all our lives and this special event is too important to contain any possibility of an error! The Venice Emotions primary focus remains on refined, elegant and exclusive ceremony to remember! Relying on Venice Emotions means having the luxury wedding of your dreams! We are open to guide both Italian and foreign couples who have always dreamed of getting married in this beautiful country!


Unique wedding in the style of unique Venice

Why we? We are ready to completely personalize your wedding or any other type of event and come up with the best solution for you. Together we will find your original personalized style and will think about everything, down to the last detail. We guarantee a fabulous scenario for a fabulous wedding.

Why Venice?

As well as being unique, the magical city on the water that can mostly be accessed only by boat, this world-famous dreamland has also transformed itself into a unique and totally out-there wedding venue! It is an enormous pleasure to work and create fabulous events in the midst of the world’s most unique scenery, Venice lagoon. Here, everything is filled with art and surrounded by lovely bridges, houses with flowers and gorgeous palaces! In addition, there is a great variety of boats in Venice – from historical gondolas to modern luxury yachts! The choice of Venice also supports the world’s love affair with Italian food and made-in-Italy arts and crafts. It’s a perfect place for those who love details.


LOCATION SEARCH We will lead you and your guests into the most romantic and popular Venetian venues for occasional events. Either a modern yacht or a historical gondola, your guests will be welcomed with a high-quality reception.

Religious, civil, symbolic matters, etc., same-sex marriage – all these questions go to the heart of any event. We organize the ceremony according to your culture and traditions.

You can choose the highest quality catering and food design services. The world’s best Italian cuisine and wine are available for you. What is more, you can personalize the menu for the guests with special requirements (food intolerance, religious views).

From the bride’s bouquet to the most complex flower decorations, you can completely rely on our experts in any detail that concerns your ceremony floral design.

We work only with the most skilled professionals who can offer exceptional photo-, video services to suit our clients’ tastes and to guarantee them an exclusive wedding package.

 Lighting plays a crucial part in creating the necessary romantic atmosphere and scenic effect. Adding a dramatic effect or enhancing the visual impact, our lighting designers will provide a real ‘theatrical’ illusion and will astonish your special audience.

Our image consultants will pay the utmost attention to every detail to pick out the outfits that fit perfectly with the style of the wedding party and especially, with the bride’s and the groom’s individual style.

Our make-up and hair experts are known for the high quality of their products. The bride and the groom both can appreciate the first-class styling service to strike everyone with their excellent looks.

Following carefully your personalized style of the wedding, our cake designers will create a Piece-of-Art wedding cake to accommodate all tastes and aesthetics needs.

Our collection of the finest made-in-Italy wedding gifts are full of elegance and creativity. Among the personalized bombonniere, there are the famous Italian liquors, olive oils, Murano glass crafts and many other alternative souvenirs for your quests.

GRAPHIC DESIGN From the design of invitations and the booklet to the design of the menu, a graphic designer will work all the elements of the ceremony out to connect all details together and to create the whole point of your ceremony.

We provide the assistance with the filing of all necessary legal and religious documents and help with the recognition of marriage registered in Italy in your country.

The music accompaniment is the key element of any festal occasion. At your disposal are the following options: swing, jazz, harp, violin, evangelical etc. bands; a DJ or even celebrity.

We are ready to support our newlyweds and their guests in the accommodation and comfortable stay in Venice. We offer the following kinds of transport: a gondola, a limousine, a boat etc.

We collaborate with the best Italian and foreign tour operators to guarantee an exclusive wedding trip as a final stage of your brilliant wedding.