The symbolic ceremony has many advantages as it can be carried out anywhere in Venice, at any time of the year and in any weather conditions. This variant is perfect for a wedding anniversary or for those who have already performed the legal part of the ceremony in their country, or for couples who dream to exchange promises of eternal love and fidelity in Venice. This type of ceremony could be performed by either a marriage officiant or by the ordained clergy of the Russian/English/Italian speaking Church who offers a Christian blessing. It’s completely up to you which celebrant would perform your ceremony! You can also decide on the outfit for your wedding celebrant! He /she would be dressed up according to your liking- whether that be formal, cocktail or even a Venetian Doge’s dress. What is more, you can decide wedding readings and speeches. You can either leave them traditional, make some modifications or even write your own!

We offer a wide variety of places for a symbolic wedding in Venice:

  •  A gondola wedding. Usually, a one-hour tour through the Venetian canals.
  • Suite with terrace.  A restaurant or a hotel with a panoramic view of the Grand Canal.
  • In one of the magnificent historic Venetian palaces; in an ancient, frescoes –decorated hall, or in an originally Renaissance villa near Venice.
  • In a flowery park with fountains and ancient statues or in the lagoon view garden of roses.
  • On one of the many Venetian islands
  • On board of a luxury yacht, suitable for a small company of family members;or a pirate galleon for large companies of friends.

Indeed, increasingly numerous are the couples both foreigners and Italians, who choose Venice for the wedding ceremony and decide to enjoy the unique atmosphere and charm of this romantic city.

People all over the world come to Venice to make a promise of eternal love. A unique experience in a unique Venice! Walking through the lovely labyrinth of Venetian streets, bridges, and canals, making beautiful photos- are the things you and your guests will never forget! The Bridge of Sighs, the Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco are just some of the key places that Venice is famous for.

We can also organize classic aperitifs, romantic dinners, wedding banquets with typical dishes of the Venetian and Italian cuisine. Don’t forget about the famous Italian wines! We have plenty of ideas to satisfy all tastes!

Do not deprive yourself of Venice! You are going to spend the best moments of your life here!