Venice EmotionsThe marriage is a very important event, and expected from a long time. On this day, everything must be perfect and nothing left to chance. The difference is even in the smallest detail. There are many steps to evaluate when you decide to get married: in the first place there is always the choice of location; a factor that will help make the difference.
Then there is the way in which this space will be decorated.
Our Venice Emotions project is born from these needs: we deeply love the world of weddings and we place an enormous attention in the choice of every detail. We like to make every single ceremony unique and also we love to surprise guests.

This is a process where we work with the future couple, because it is important to create with them a common ground and a constant communication. This is to perfectly tune and to understand their concept of a perfect marriage. It will then be our task to summarize this idea in a proposal that will also include our point of view.

Choose consciously and without any risk

Today you can instantly get a clear idea of how it could be your wedding day; you do not have to wait to get to church or look at pictures of other ceremonies to try to understand what might happen.
The current wedding world offers the opportunity for the future spouses to touch every aspect of the ceremony: from the location to the flower arrangement and passing through the wedding feast, the music and the entertainment. Basically today you can minimize the risk of unpleasant surprises and make sure that everything will be perfect.
Our wedding planning agency Venice Emotions, guarantees this possibility to the newlyweds, by allowing them to have an early idea of how their wedding day will be.

A projection of how your wedding day will be

In addition to photos and real testimonials, we proceed to create graphic sketches on paper and to be submitted to the spouses: these may include, for example, the ceremony, the cake, the floral arrangement, the bride’s bouquet, the preparation of the table.
A way to go and to submit to our couple a draft of what will happen on the wedding day, thus by allowing the possibility of any modification, and minimizing the risk of errors. A projection of what will be done and which will allow us to understand how to correct it, and which elements to add or remove. All this will be carried out in a close contact with the future married couple
Our goal is to give life to marriages that are the realization of a dream; masterpieces of style but also of effectiveness so we can ensure to our couple the utmost tranquility in the process of approaching the wedding day, by simply taking away from them every task.
This is why we want to give them the chance to change what goes against their expectations; to ensure that everything is exactly like the future spouses have always imagined and dreamed of. Below are some sketches created by us for some married couples and then it became a reality on their wedding day:

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