The Wedding Planner is a very interesting profession. What does he do? A planner assists the spouses during the whole process of organization, administration, and coordination of the wedding. In simple words, together with you she/he organizes your special day. As he deals with a multitude of tasks and people, this profession requires such personal characteristics as high communicative, organization, and analytic skills, diplomacy, stress-resistance and a good memory. Either an agency or an independent specialist (usually with a team behind), a planner provides a wide range of wedding services.

The wedding day is one of the most significant and important events in everyone’s lives. It is important to understand that you won’t have any wedding rehearsal, so you have not any possibility of an error. So every detail must be perfect.

Wedding planners are very popular among the couples planning a destination wedding. People choose a wedding planner when they want to escape the bureaucracy and many other unknown complicated local procedures. A wedding organizer plans his work with a great respect both, to the local country’s traditional culture and the bride’s and the groom’s cultures and traditions. In this case, a local consultant is the best decision to take care of documentation, location, design, and many other important issues.

The real task of a Wedding Planner is to become your personal assistant. He usually takes a personal approach to every client. Possessing an unlimited imagination, this person will suggest numerous variants of your wedding project and will always find the way out from any difficult situation.

A Full-Service Wedding planner does:

Initial consultation on the wedding preparation process and the ceremony in particular
Detailed plan for the wedding day and the ceremony
Unlimited consultations in person, by phone, by mail
Wedding theme/design
Consultation on wedding etiquette, traditions, and rituals
Wedding text’s stationery composition
Consultation on locations, wedding professionals, and all necessary services
Appointments, reviews, negotiations, and presence at each appointment with selected suppliers on your behalf
Helping with contracts, payment terms etc.
Budget management and its optimization
Location site inspection
Wedding menu and a degustation of the wedding dishes
Management of the tables’ placement and seating charts
Advising the ceremony music
Detailed timeline of the wedding day
Managing the wedding day: supervising suppliers, setup, location etc.
Logistics of the whole project (delivery, installation, dismantling)
Vendors briefing on the ceremon
Force majeure problems solving
Providing some extra services, such as a photo-/video-scenario of a Love Story, organizing a hens party, a second wedding day party etc.

All these and many other responsibilities put on the wedding planner will make your wedding day ceremony and the whole preparation process stress-free and full of fun. You will definitely realize all benefits you get by hiring a planner.

We are open to any question! Feel free to contact us for any additional information. Be sure that after the first free consultation, you will organize your thoughts and you will understand what you really want and from what to start. Trust the professionals to take care of your perfect wedding day!